Friday, 27 September 2013

Vogue 8826

When I picked up this fabric I knew straight away what I wanted to make, which is normally unusual of me. I usually fall in love with the fabric first, then decide later what to make but with the pyjama trend upon us last season I decided why not? I mean it wouldn't hurt to have a similar style in my is the finished product of Vogue 8826
 I'm not too sure what the fabric is but I think it might be viscose? I selected a size 14, which turned out to be big. This is a very easy pattern to construct and the options of how you can play around with the design are endless and I will be making it again.

I didn't add the hooks and fasteners as instructed on the pattern, I personally think it looks nice with a lace vest underneath.

 Below is a picture of how you can style it if you wanted to wear it with skinny pants for the tomboy look and a killer stiletto.
Dress down option, which is my favourite on a 'fat' day.
 Will post more looks on me wearing this outfit in the future.

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